We shape technology

Ark is the T-Shaped boutique consultancy offering horizontal expertise in cloud technology development coupled with vertical expertise in energy markets.

This unique combination is our strength, enabling us to understand your needs and what matters to you most.

Our strategic plan? Doing things well


Energy consulting

Vertical knowledge and proprietary models are the appropriate consultancy tools for energy trading and risk management.


Cloud tech development

We develop cloud architectures and applications with customized methodological approaches. As a result, we deliver actionable results quickly whilst ensuring a low maintenance profile.


Tech product design & development

With advanced software design and development capabilities, we leverage the full potential of Microsoft Azure Cloud in a cost-effective fashion.


Proprietary products

We turn market insights into cloud services and platforms spanning multiple industry sectors. Here, insights materialise into technology.

As you may know, large consulting firms and most of our competitors are capable of developing code and ad-hoc software.

What you may not know is that not all of them can solve your problem using technology quickly, intelligently, and strategically.

We do, that's how we work

At Ark we always strive to achieve rapid, strategic and well designed outputs, with a specialism in highly regulated, complex sectors, such as energy.

Our artifacts are the product of hard work: take a closer look.

How we work: more analysis, less maintenance.

Our expertise translates into low-maintenance, resource-optimised applications, resulting in lasting and reliable partnerships with our customers.

Want to see us in action? Let's look at our case studies.

This is a selection of the projects we have overseen and the results we have achieved through our work.

Trading Function Integrations

Prime Brokerage Platform

Prime Brokerage Platform

Post Trade Processing Engine

Post Trade Processing Engine

Forecasting Process Optimization

Forecasting Process Optimization

ETRM Integrated Platform

ETRM Integrated Platform

Our definition of team is? Technology-driven people

Our customers say, "Ark people? They are easily recognizable." We are knowledgeable and understand what matters to our clients enabling us to guide them and support them in innovation. Want to get to know us better?

News to keep up

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