ETRM/Accounting platforms integration

Creation of an integration layer between the client's ETRM system and their accounting/invoicing platform

Problem solved

Ensure alignment between the client's ETRM system and their instance of SAP in order to automate invoicing and accrual processes.

Our competitive advantage

Our team had significant experience in this domain and could efficiently interact with relevant business stakeholders to confirm requirements and proceed to implementation in an agile and iterative fashion.


Introduction of an integration layer supporting the automation of invoicing and accrual flows between the ETRM and accounting platforms.

Implementation of a web based settlement desktop providing self-service capabilities to monitor and control the integration layer configuration by allowing users to visualise the status of individual candidate accounting entries and manage profit/cost centre mappings and IFRS classification of transactions, among others.

The platform handled seamlessly the processes associated with energy derivatives in power, gas, oil and emissions, FX , broker fees and clearing fees.

Business Stakeholders

  • Administration and Financial Control team
  • Middle Office
  • Back Office
  • Compliance
  • CFO

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