Our definition of a team is? Technology-driven people

What it means to be part of Ark

We asked those who are part of this company, those who founded it, and those who have just joined. They told us, "Working here means believing in the power technology has to change the world we live in for the better." The people you interface with by choosing us will not only be highly competent but will also be in love with what they do.

Ideas are a commodity. Their implementation is not.

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Alpha team: Problem-solving and on-time execution

In our Alpha team, the watchword is problem-solving. The team focuses on business process automation and enterprise architecture.

The Alpha team also handles timely and rapid interventions in the areas of: energy trading, upstream/downstream origination, retail, application maintenance/operational support, and process outsourcing/subsidizing.

Depending on the type of intervention and project phase, Alpha team works with methodology: ITIL, Kanban, TOGAF/Zachman.

Brewmaster Team: Impact-proof IT architectures and cloud solutions.

Brewmasters is the team you need to implement your cloud-based solutions. They build solid foundations for you with a strategic vision that assures you the best cost-effective outcome, with the greatest guarantee of low maintenance costs over time.

Brewmaster Team manages from design to production solutions in Energy trading, upstream/downstream origination, and retail, creating integration solutions to support business processes in these areas.

Brewmaster Team works with DevOps methodology for all Technical architecture consulting projects and the design and development of ad-hoc cloud-based solutions.

418 Teapot Team: New technology for new needs

418 Teapot Team designs, develops and maintains Ark's proprietary or directly participated products. This team provides the spark of innovation to Ark's products by combining to technology to flawless execution.

418 Teapot Team is in charge of Ark’s products, JVs and investments: Artesian, K4VIEW, KookOne, and Reportino.

418 Teapot Team applies the DevOps methodology.

Flawless execution, timely intervention, results-orientation and resource optimization. This is what lies behind our working method.

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We are Technology Shapers

Francesco Arci


Francesco is Co-Founder of Ark, where he realized his entrepreneurial vision driven by a firm belief in the potential of innovation to deliver real business value quickly. His background grounded in AI, financial markets, and energy was developed through years of IT architecture experience in investment banking, asset management, and energy. When he is not busy leading the company, he sails the Mediterranean.

Charlotte Bird


Charlotte is a co-founder of Ark, within which she channeled her senior executive expertise gained in several industries where the technology component was predominant. At the group level Charlotte is responsible for several areas such as Finance, Administration and Human Resources, a scenario in which she brings a fundamental contribution thanks to her eclectic character, in which no detail in internal processes is left to chance.

Michele Nan

Product Owner

Michele is the Product Owner of K4View and Artesian, products designed and managed by Ark. Thanks to his experience in managing the day-to-day trading and planning processes of power plants, Michele has contributed with his team to the realization of the killer features of these portals dedicated to energy trading.
He collaborates with product development teams when a forward-looking view and up-to-date perspective on technical and market best practices is needed.

Andrea Cuneo

Senior Architect

Andrea is Senior Architect at Ark, where, thanks to his skills and his tendency to be ahead of the curve, he helps product development teams exploit the full potential of the cloud. An advocate for the adoption of automated processes in Software Development, he introduced DevOps practices at Ark before they became mainstream and, drawing from his background as a SysAdmin, also in the immediate adoption of IaC for Cloud resources and automation for the management of CyberSecurity aspects.

Cristina Perna

Senior Managing consultant

Cristina is Team Leader and responsible for managing teams dedicated to the implementation of custom proprietary software for Ark clients. She has in-depth expertise, obtained in the field of business processes in the Energy Trading, Risk Management and Portfolio functions, which she puts to good use as head of the Consulting vertical. She always keeps his organizational skills trained through the exuberance of her two children.

Niccolò Cecchi

Lead Front Office Business Analyst & Solution Architect

Niccolò is Design Manager for energy trading and risk management software developed internally at Ark. Area where his financial economic background finds its best expression. In his work he has a close collaboration with the technical architecture function to get together at the best possible result, where the needs of business and all stakeholders are met.
His driving nail is quality. His goal is always to maximize the value of the product delivered to the client.

Luca Ravera

Managing consultant

Luca is a Project Manager dedicated to providing customized and optimized consultancy solutions for our customers both in the Energy and HoReCa sectors. Within Ark, thanks to the experiences in retail and ETRM with customers, he is responsible not only for planning, management and progress monitoring, but also for communication with stakeholders, risk management and evaluation of potential improvements. Competence and efficiency are the keywords for the success of the project and he, sporty and very competitive, doesn’t like to lose.

Marco Giannotti

Senior Software Engineer

Marco is Senior Softwar Engineer and a reference for the Back End part in his team. With full-stack experience developing and designing cloud-based products and services, he brings not only his passion for graphics but also precision and speed to Ark. Thanks to his previous work experience as an Engineer in the engineering industry, he has acquired the ability to work under pressure and has developed an excellent collaborative ability. His passion for photography and graphics helped him in developing the UI of the KÖÖKone project.

Sean Moran

Senior Software Engineer

Sean brings to Ark his decades of experience in the Software Industry, in which he has held leadership roles in several areas. His path of continued growth has now led him to Senior Software Engineer on the team dedicated to developing new solutions and processes.
His work focuses on optimizing project logistics, resource allocation in an ongoing effort to improve product efficiency and sustainability.

Stefano Ursino

Project Management Office (PMO) Lead

Stefano is an all-around technology enthusiast who has put this inclination to use in his work. He grew up in the consulting world and specializes in managing Technical and Business Teams. Today in Ark he is PMO Lead cross-team, where he is committed to improving the performance of teams and optimizing development time.

Peter Rimmer

Backend Developer

Peter brings his long experience in process engineering to Ark, dealing with Artesian and the optimization of its data preparation functions. His work focuses primarily on the development of data connectors and data quality.

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