Vertical energy knowledge

Expertise is our key differentiating factor which allows us to anticipate your needs. We develop products, technology and integrate in the energy trading and risk management space.

Our services for energy trading and risk management

Process Design

Leveraging our proprietary Enterprise Process Model for the energy industry, we support our customers in designing processes and developing architectures to integrate individual business functions seamlessly.


With decades of experience in the field, we can design and build the application architecture for your business from the ground up, as well as upgrading and bringing an existing architecture up to the state-of-the-art.

Automated Integration

We integrate and automate systems to express their full potential. We create connections between existing applications, operationally support the integration of new ones within your application map, and maintain the continuity of the production stream.

Solution Development

We make the most of cloud technology to support you in building solutions and tools that solve energy industry problems. Our vertical knowledge allows us to get ahead of the curve, speed up processing, and ensure maximum cost-effectiveness.

Our methodology

The base-layer: the team

The team is Ark's foundational strength. Three teams, with a different but synergic focus, collaborate seamlessly to deliver experience, strategic orientation and technical capabilities at the highest levels within the relevant industry. We are passionate about complex challenges. Finding answers where others only find questions is our bread and butter.

The middle-layer: the method

On a daily basis we apply the most up-to-date methodologies and best-practices in application design/development, complex project management, customer interface and incident management. This allows us to co-create with our customers well-crafted products that meet original requirements.

The core-layer: experience

We can provide targeted solutions thanks to the experience gained in challenging environments, such as energy commodity trading and the development of complex, mission critical solutions. You won't find copy-paste solutions, only focused answers to your business problems.

Our partners

Ark is a technical partner and consultant to the best tech and energy companies on the national and international scene.

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