Forecasting process optimisation

Design and implementation of a framework to optimise implementation, tuning and execution of forecasting models

Problem solved

Ability to implement and efficiently maintain models dedicated to the forecasting of the output of renewable generation assets without the need for deep programming and IT knowledge.

Our competitive advantage

Our technical team's expertise allowed us to design and implement a framework customised according to the needs of the client and focused on efficiency and simplicity of use.


Implementation of a framework, leveraging cloud technology components, that would allow the client to develop and execute forecasting model for renewable generation assets without deep knowledge of IT or programming.

The framework allowed the client to act on specific stages of the forecasting pipeline in order to implement and validate models and improve their performance. The automated data ingestion and preparation phases of the forecasting pipelines were supported in this project by Artesian.

Business stakeholders

  • Analyst
  • Originator
  • Trader
  • Energy manager

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