Prime brokerage platform

Implementation of a prime brokerage platform to support the downstream origination function of a European multi-national utility

Problem solved

Design and development of a web based trading platform dedicated to industrial consumers (prime brokerage platform) and supporting downstream origination desk activities of a European multi-national focused on power, gas and oil derivative contracts.

Our competitive advantage

Our deep knowledge of hedging risk via energy derivative instruments, coupled with an understanding of price fixing mechanisms underpinning the operation of large industrial groups, allowed us to design and implement a platform optimally fitting the client's business and technical requirements. The project's output was in fact easily integrated in the client's day to day business processes satisfying both the sales team and their clients and evolving into a valuable lead generation and client retention asset,


  • Implementation of a system, integrated with the client’s trading platform, supporting the management of spreads to be applied to commingled market prices by tenor according to configurable client segments. Distribution of the resulting prices in real time to a web/mobile trading interface.
  • Auditing of the deal life cycle and associated dimensions (e.g. deal history, mark-up, volumes, margins).
  • Automation of transaction flows towards the client’s ETRM system .
  • Significant reduction in deal capture errors and deal booking times.
  • Transparency of prices offered to clients.
  • Added value to the sales process through automation, rather than mere supporting of deal booking activities.

Business stakeholders

  • Industrial clients
  • Originators
  • Sales
  • Portfolio manager
  • Energy manager
  • Risk manager

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