Post Trade Processing Engine

Trading flows optimisation

Problem solved

Automation of the enrichment and deal capture flow: design and implementation of an integrated platform supporting automated deal enrichment and capture in the client's ETRM system post execution on their trading platform screen.

Our competitive advantage

Thanks to Ark's expertise, the Head of Trading and Portfolio Manager were able to communicate their needs efficiently and directly to the development team, without the need to enter into lengthy and time consuming explanations.

Our experience of the trading domain allowed us to quickly converge on a suitable design which, once prototyped, was rapidly evolved into the final production solution in an agile manner.


  • Design and implementation of a platform able to manage post trade flows by linking exchanges and brokerage platforms with the client’s ETRM system.
  • Rule based enrichment of transactions and of potential exceptions. Realisation of a user interface supporting management of the rules and of the deal flows.
  • Management and automation of the flow of fees between broker and client. Asymmetric and custom scenarios supported.
  • Management and automation of booking of individual transactions.
  • Management and automation of the population of custom fields required by the client’s ETRM by transaction type.
  • Esponenziale reduction in the number of deal capture errors.
  • Reduction of deal capture time lag.
  • Sound basis for the computation of PnL, VaR and Open Position in real time.

Business Stakeholders

  • Trader
  • Risk manager
  • Originator
  • Sales
  • Back Office
  • Energy manager
  • Back office

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