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We incubate ideas and implement proprietary and co-participated technology products based on our knowledge of different industries and horizontal expertise in technology development.

Our solutions


The platform aggregates your market data into a single solution. Speeds up data preparation operations by up to 30% and is dedicated to extracting valuable insights from your data.


The consulting suite for those in energy trading. K4View brings together in a single location all the information and tools you need to assess and understand market trends in real-time.

Reportino (coming soon)

The tool brings all your energy data sources together in a single dashboard. Simple to interpret, easy to manage for daily monitoring, and automates the export of complex reports in just a few clicks.


The e-commerce platform dedicated to the Horeca sector is helping to make the B2B market more competitive, born from the need to bring producers and operators together in a top-performing user experience.

At Ark, we create proprietary technology as well as incubating innovative products. We reply on our experience to identify markets and opportunities where we can innovate with technology.

We feel that this sets us apart from our competitors. We know how to solve problems using technology strategically, quickly and rapidly, even in complex contexts.

This is what we do: cutting-edge-technology

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